Technology beyond measures

We go above and beyond to provide you with optimal technological solutions to achieve your goals.

Cloud Services

Public cloud solutioning. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or IBM Cloud, we provide expert consulting, implementation, and management services for your cloud based needs.

IT Consulting

Our expert team of IT consultants, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, are here to help you analyze, strategize, and help you with the most optimal IT solutions for your organization. Our team takes a detailed look at your current IT state, and then steer you to a desired future state that embodies all your organizational policies and goals.

Cloud Certification Training

Our learning team provides professional training for your cloud certifications. Our certification classes are tailored according to the exam curriculum and give you the best possible preparation for your exams.


Security is at the forefront of any effective architecture. Consequently, cybersecurity is at the forefront of your organization’s protective services. Our cybersecurity approach is based on prevention and risk management, backed by 3 principles; Layering, Proactiveness, and UDK- Up to Date Knowledge. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and we stay on top of any changes, while setting up a layered defense for your architecture and data. We also ensure any government compliance on every level of our strategy.

Database Administration (DBA) Services

Berclof knows that your company’s success depends on how well you know and manage your data. So we place the management, access, and protection of your data at the core of our database technologies business. With our database administration services in place, you can unleash your organization’s potential to reach more customers and build even more successes.

Database Administration Done Right

Your data defines everything your company touches, so you need a team of DBA experts to ensure you’re doing everything you can to make the most of its value. Berclof provides the DBA expertise, services, and strategies to ensure your organization uses its data to the fullest extent possible so you can maximize all your other corporate assets, too.

Top-Quality Database Experts

Our globally based team of seasoned DBA professionals bring their years of experience and specialized knowledge to your company, giving you the broadest DBA administration.

  • DBA Architects and Data Modelers – generate data-based scenarios to reduce risk and maximize investments.
  • DBA and Performance Analysts – study how your data impacts your systems.
  • Application and Warehouse DBA Administrators – maintain databases for existing and new apps and ensure that all your information is clean, accurate, accessible, and safe.

The DBA administration team covers every aspect of managing and optimizing your database so you can focus on more critical company concerns.

Database Assessment

Whether you have a small environment that can be assessed in one day or a large complex environment that requires a team of experts diving into the details for months, Berclof can provide key insights, short- and long-term database recommendations, optimization opportunities and information on alternative database approaches to your environment. Learn more about our Database Assessment Service here.

Around the Clock Coverage

Database monitoring runs 24x7x365 because our DBA experts work in shifts, ready to assist and mitigate any concern at any time. This frees your IT resources up to work on more important business initiatives.

Flexible, Client-Focused Delivery

Our DBA administration capacity flexes to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for day-to-day support, a one-time small upgrade, or a major migration to the cloud. And because our focus is always on maximizing the value of your corporate information, we can fulfill our promise that our work always adds value to your enterprise.

Tiered Database Services

We’ve tiered our DBA services to encompass every possible database concern but structured them into tiers to offer maximum value for our customer’s money:

  • Tier 1 provides comprehensive monitoring support, including alerts, notifications, and incident responses.
  • Tier 2 extends beyond monitoring and adds installs, systems optimization, patching, configurations, and more.
  • Tier 3 adds to the Tier 1 & 2 services by including performance optimization, security, licensing, compliance management, and strategic utilization to maximize your organization’s values.
    All tiers include 24x7x365 services support, and Tiers 2 and 3 also include DBA request availability.

Cloud Services

Professional IT Consulting Services

We offer organizational IT consulting services in the following areas;

We will also work with you on any specific IT goals or problems your organization has, and provide
optimal/sustainable solutions.

Cloud Certification Training

We provide professional training for the following certifications:

Our robust course curriculum dives in depth into the material needed for these certifications, and our interactive, hands on, and laser focused teaching approach will ensure you have the best chance of passing the exams.

Whether you’re an individual aspiring to these professional certifications to your qualifications, on an organization seeking to further train and empower it’s employees, Berclof offers top notch cloud certification training according to your needs and goals.


Contingency Planning

Focus on business continuity by providing effective and efficient solutions to enhance system and service availability.

  • Contingency Plan Testing
  • Training and Exercises
Risk Assessment

Focus on the management of risks and information system security.

  • Vulnerability Management
    • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Penetration Testing
Incident Response

Focus on minimizing the loss and theft of information and disruption of services.

  • Incident Response Plan, Policy and Training
  • Intrusion Detection Processes
  • Intrusion Prevention Processes
Awareness and Training

Focus on:

  • Preventing and mitigating user risk
  • Security awareness and training exercises
SaaS Determination

Focus on:

  • FISMA Compliant for On Prem systems
  • FedRAMP Complaint for Cloud systems

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